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When Kapiti was born in the Lower North Island almost 30 years ago, we changed the New Zealand palate forever. Our cheeses were new, exciting and memorable. New Zealand original cheeses exquisitely aromatic, tasty, individualistic and handcrafted that took us way beyond the familiar favourite block of yellow cheddar.

At Kapiti, we are passionate about the pleasures and principles of good food. Whether inspired by the ingredients, our heritage, the flavours, or by the land itself, every product we make is unique – each has its own story and each is worth discovering.

“Our cheeses were new, exciting and memorable.”

We start with not only the best ingredients, but the right ingredients. The right ingredients that, when combined with the finest dairy in the world, create captivating, exciting, and engaging tastes, textures and flavours. Using all of our skill, passion & care we craft them into something truly special and uniquely New Zealand.

Since 1984, Kapiti cheese, ice-cream and desserts have become a staple in the repertoire of our best chefs, a commonplace on cheese boards, and the perfect dessert at home. The range has expanded, but the philosophy behind Kapiti and its commitment to excellence remain intact. Truly great food created to enjoy and share is, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

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We embrace exploration far removed from the ordinary.